Moving Potential Guests Through Your RV Resort or Campground’s Sales Funnel

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Your RV Resort or campground offers a unique experience for potential guests to enjoy a relaxing and fun vacation. However, getting them through your sales funnel can be challenging if you don’t have the right strategies in place. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best strategies to implement for optimal engagement to help move potential guests through the different stages of the sales funnel.


Attracting new customers and encouraging interest in your campground or RV Resort is the first step in the sales funnel. To do this, you need to create engaging and informative content that resonates with your target audience. Some of the best tactics to implement at this stage include SEO optimized website content, video content, social media content (paid and organic), and Adwords campaigns. By creating content that highlights the unique experiences your campground or RV Resort has to offer, you can attract potential guests and encourage them to move to the next stage of the funnel.


The middle of the funnel is when potential guests have discovered your RV Resort or campground and want to learn more about it. The best tactics to implement at this stage include testimonials and reviews, lead nurturing campaigns (email drip campaigns), newsletters, and SEO website content that goes deeper into a guest’s particular needs. By providing valuable information, you can keep potential guests engaged and encourage them to book their stay with you.


At this stage, potential guests should have enough information to book their stay with you. However, you still need to give them a little push. Tactics that will encourage booking include sharing testimonials and reviews, offering discounts, and creating urgency through limited-time offers. By providing a little extra incentive, you can move potential guests to the final stage of the funnel and convert them into paying guests.


Once guests have stayed with you, it’s essential to maintain the relationship. Use a CRM, email, or social media marketing to stay in touch with your guests. You can send them personalized messages, inform them of new amenities or activities, and offer loyalty rewards to incentivize repeat stays. By maintaining a relationship with your guests, you are more likely to receive positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals, which can attract new guests to your RV Resort or campground.

Putting it all together

By implementing these strategies, you can move your prospects through your RV Resort or campground’s sales funnel successfully. From attracting new customers to converting them into paying guests and maintaining relationships, you’ll be able to optimize your sales funnel for optimal engagement. Remember to create engaging and informative content and personalize your message for each stage of the funnel. By doing so, you’ll make it easier for potential guests to choose your RV Resort or campground for their next vacation.

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